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... It wasn’t until I purchased my Global microscope that I discovered that I was not seeing my preps as well as I thought I was with my loupes. The illumination offered by the Global microscope, in combination with the different levels of magnification, has allowed me to consistently perform the type of restorative dentistry that I can be proud of…

Keith Asarkof, DMD
Lexington, MA
Global Dental Microscopes

Dentists worldwide have come to recognize Global Surgical Corporation as the leader in dental microscopy. The dental microscope adds the opportunity to enhance your vision in dentistry. The dental microscope also naturally restores proper ergonomic positioning while working and offers the addition of exceptional illumination during procedures.





Global Dental Microscopes are also available worldwide. For more information on international sales: Click Here

Global Dental Microscopes come in three different models to fit the needs of any dental professional. The G-Series microscopes can be mounted in several different ways to work comfortably in any operatory. Click on the model below for more information.

G3 Microscope

G4 Microscope

G6 Microscope




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