G6 Series ENT Microscopes

The Global G6 Microscope for Otolaryngologists provides all the maneuverability and upgrade options at a very affordable price.

Standard Components of the G6 Series Microscope

Adjustable Eyecups
Adjustable (helicoid) eyecups allow you to fully adjust to fit your needs.

Hover over the image to view the eyecups movement.

Maneuvering Handles
Maneuvering handles can be adjusted to user's preferred position.

Hover over the image to view movement.

Fine Focus
Convenient fine focus feature allows for easy adjustment of objective lens Range of 20mm (industry best) allows for easy focus adjustment without moving the microscope.

Hover over the image to view movement.

light source housing

Global LED Light Source
High powered LED technology delivers 50,000 hours of uninterrupted operation and features an ergonomic design with controls at your fingertips.


G6 Series Magnification Chart

Utilizing 10X eyepieces; 250mm objective lens; 125mm binocular
Magnification (x) 1.7 2.5 4.0 6.3 10 15


G6 Series Mounting Options

You picked out the Global ENT microscope for your practice, now it's time to pick out the mounting option that will fit your needs. We have 3 different options to choose from.

Mobile Floorstand

Our mobile floorstand features large wheels for easy transportation of the microscope between operatories and a scratch-resistant base. This configuration is also available as Fixed Floor Mount

floor mount microscope

Ceiling Mount

This mounting provides an optimal location for convenient delivery of the microscope. Ceiling mountings are available for 8 to 10 foot ceilings.

Note: For 8' ceiling options, please check with your representative about limitations.

ceiling mount

High or Low Wall Mount

This configuration folds compactly against the wall for easy storage (an extension arm is needed for optimal storage).

wall mount

G6 Microscope Accessories

Need accessories for your Global G6 microscope? Choose from the list below.

extension arm

Extension Arm

Provides additional maneuverability and extra reach for complete customization and efficiency.

dual iris diaphragm

Dual Iris Diaphragm

Allows for greater depth of field - Particularly valuable for photography.

(hover over image to view assembly animation)

digital video imaging

Video and Digital Imaging and Documentation

Provides excellent platform for documenting procedures and patient data.

View our available Imaging Accessories.