Microscope Accessories

"We Make It Easier" We offer a wide variety of accessories, allowing you the flexibility to configure your equipment specifically for your particular needs. Our dental microscopes feature a modular design that accommodates a variety of configurations for optimal documentation and observation.

NEW Global LED Light Source

global led microscope light

The Next Generation in microscope lighting is new and improved with more features from Global Surgical to take LED microscope lighting to the next level. Enhanced LED technology coupled with a new ergonomic design and the direct-to-port delivery system provides the ideal lighting solution for the surgical microscope.

  • A more ergonomic design
  • Enhanced LED light brightness indicator
  • Now with the composite filter included
  • 3 year warranty

For more information, download our product brochure.


Other Microscope Accessories

binocular extender

Binocular Extender

Helps operator maintain comfortable upright position, reducing strain and fatigue. Retrofitable to any Global microscope with inclinable binoculars.

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Counterbalance Coupler Arm

This unique arm design moves the pivot axis through the center of the scope, improving balance. An adjustable slide offsets the added weight of accessories such as a digital camera.

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extension arm

Extension Arm

Provides additional maneuverability and extra reach for complete customization and efficiency.

light source housing

Ultra Source II and Light Source Housing

A very bright and white light, with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin -- near sunlight in color. The bulb is 180 Watts and rated at 500 hours. Its intensity is controlled by a shutter -- maintains color temperature at all brightness levels.

dental filter

Dental Filter

Prevents problem of composites curing prematurely

binocular rotation ring

Binocular Rotation Ring

Allows for better operator positioning. Rotate the binocular +/- 25 degrees. Features a locking thumb screw
for greater stability.

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dual iris diaphragm

Dual Iris Diaphragm

Allows for greater depth of field - Particularly valuable for photography.

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digital video imaging

Video and Digital Imaging and Documentation

Provides excellent platform for documenting procedures and patient data.

Read more about imaging and documentation.

laser filter module

Laser Filter Module

Lasers are used in conjunction with dental microscopes to perform various surgical procedures, enabling highly precise and less invasive treatment. Dental applications range from teeth whitening to hard tissue cutting and soft tissue surgeries. The Laser Filter Module allows insertion of a Laser Filter Slide into the microscope to provide eye protection when performing laser surgeries through the microscope.

laser filter slide

Laser Filter Slides

Each interchangeable Laser Filter Slide is custom designed to match the specific manufacturer and model of the laser in use and supply the correct level of protection at the proper wavelengths to prevent retinal damage. Eye protection which is built into the microscope provides a more comfortable alternative to wearing laser protection eyewear when working through the microscope.