SMR® Cabinet Options & Accessories

Standard Features

Modular Corded Otoscopes Unit
Rechargeable Otoscopes Unit

Plastic Drawer Liners

Built-In Waste Container

(Deluxe Only)

Heavy Duty Vacuum and Pressure Pumps

Dirty Instrument Tray

(Deluxe Only)

Trash Port In Door

(Deluxe Only)

Optional Features

Heated Drawer to Keep Instruments Warm

Medication Bottle Lock Box

Glove Box & Tissue Box

Chart Rack

Medication Bottle Rack

Extra "Traditional" Devilbiss Glassware Openings

Heated Mirror Warmer

Writing Shelf

Locking Casters

Security Drawer Locks

Modular Corded Otoscopes Unit

Foot Switch

Mirror Warmer Shelf

(High Back Only)

Recessed Space for Mirror Warmer

Clearview Mirror Warmer

Elevated Glassware

Storage Shelves Instead of Trash Receptacle