Dental Microscopes

dentist microsurgeon microscope

Enhanced Precision Through Magnification: Dentists worldwide have come to recognize Global Surgical Corporation as the leader in dental microscopy. A microscope benefits every procedure by helping you to better diagnose and predictably treat your patients. The clear magnified images that are possible with a dental microscope provide details that are difficult to see even with loupes.

Improved Ergonomics: Global Dental microscopes promote better posture. Reduce the strain and fatigue while maintaining an upright posture, regardless of the patients position.

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Worldwide Sales: Global Dental Microscopes are also available worldwide. For more information on international sales: Click Here.

A-Series™ Dental Microscopes

Global Dental Microscopes come in three different models to fit the needs of any dental professional. The A-Series™ microscopes can be mounted in several different ways to work comfortably in any operatory position.

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Our Global Microscope offers many benefits for general practitioners, endodontists and periodontists, based on their quality design and performance. 

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Imaging and Documentation

Global Dental microscopes can be integrated with digital cameras and video equipment (HD and SD) based on their modular design to aid imaging and documentation processes. 

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Microscope Accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories, allowing you the flexibility to configure your equipment specifically for your particular needs. Our dental microscopes feature a modular design that accommodates a variety of configurations for optimal documentation and observation.

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