SMR® Chairs & Stools

"We Make It Easier" All of the Global SMR® products are built for lasting durability with enhanced features only found in top quality chair construction. The SMR® family of chairs has been long recognized as the premium brand of exam chairs in the industry. When you care about quality you will see why SMR® stands out first in quality among exam chairs in the market.

SMR® Maxi 4000
The Maxi 4000 is the newest full-power chair in the SMR® chair brand. Powered lift and recline with an extended range of travel and programmable settings.

smr maxi 4500 chair

SMR® Maxi 4500
The newest fully-powered examination chair to the SMR line. The 4500 offers many additional features like luxurious SuperSoft® upholstery and tilt functionality.

smr apex 2300 chair

SMR® Apex 2300
The 2300 chair offers a powered lift system with a manual recline and articulating footrest all on a 360 degree swivel base.

smr apex 2400 chair

SMR® Apex 2400
The 2400 model offers the powered lift system and an adjustable back on a 360 degree swivel base with a durable foot rest.

smr apex 2500 chair

SMR® Apex 2500
The 2500 chair is the manual offering from Global Surgical. Manual hydraulic lift, manual recline, and locking swivel.

smr ent stools

SMR® Stools
A quality line of SMR stools with auto-lift adjustment. Each style is made with a sturdy 5-leg base for added stability.