SMR® Maxi Cabinets

"We Make It Easier" Global Surgical Corporation SMR Maxi treatment cabinets are the gold standard of the industry. Built to order, our fully customizable cabinets are the most versatile in the market. With over 30 million possible configurations, we are sure to find on that suits your needs. 


Standard Cabinet Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

Standard Maxi Cabinet

Numerous exterior finishes, solid construction, and multiple features make these cabinets an essential element in any ENT office. Standard Maxi Cabinets are an economical choice, designed for busy doctors who need convenient storage and easy accessibility to their tools and medical supplies. 

Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

Upgrade to the Deluxe Maxi Cabinet for increased functionality and more working surface. The Deluxe comes with your choice of built-in waste compartment and porthole or extra shelves; along with a dirty instrument tray and additional glassware.

stainless steel treatment cabinet Tall Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

Tall Maxi Cabinet

The taller countertop height makes this cabinet ideal for doctors who prefer examining and treating patients from a standing position or those looking for additional storage. 

Tall Deluxe Maxi Cabinet

This cabinet is loaded with storage. It features all of the extras included with the Deluxe Cabinet and two additional drawers and one additional shelf. 

The taller countertop height makes this cabinet ideal for doctors who prefer examining and treating patients from a standing position.

compact smr treatment cabinet custom ent treatment cabinet

Mini Maxi Cabinet

A compact solution for offices with limited space. The Mini Cabinets are small enough to work in any space without sacrificing the functionality you expect from a Maxi Cabinet. Mini Cabinets are the most economical cabinet in the SMR Maxi Cabinet line. The exterior & countertop are both made from laminate.

Custom Maxi Cabinet

Global Surgical Corporation prides itself on the ability to create SMR® treatment cabinets that meet our customer’s specific needs. If you have a unique office arrangement that requires something special, Global Surgical Custom SMR® Cabinets are your solution.


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(can be modified upon request)
Standard Tall Deluxe Tall Deluxe Standard Tall Deluxe Tall Deluxe Mini
Two Otoscopes  
Dirty Instrument Tray          
# Glassware in Set 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 2
Height (inches) 49 60.5 49 60.5 49.5 60.5 49.5 60.5 49
Work Height (inches) 33.5 44.75 33.5 44.75 33.5 44.75 33.5 44.75 33.5
Width (inches) 24.75 24.75 34.5 34.5 29 29 38.25 38.25 24.75
Depth (inches) 17.25 17.25 17.25 17.25 19 19 19 19 17.25
Drawer Quantity (inches) 3.5H x 9.25W
x 10D
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
2H x 20.25W
x 13.25D
2 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2
3.5H x 20.25W x 13.25D 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
Max Vacuum 26.5 IN HG
Electrical 110-120VAC, 60 HZ, 13 AMPS