Dentist Testimonials about Our Microscopes

Below are testimonials from actual Dentists using our Global Dental microscopes.

Karen Besler, D.D.S.
Dental Associates of Cedar Rapids

I have been using a Global Microscope in my dental practice for two months. The thing that I like best about the microscope is the improved ergonomics it allows me. I was seeing my chiropractor 2-3 times a month before I integrated the microscope into my practice. My back pain has significantly improved! Another aspect that I enjoy is that the magnification allows me to diagnose issues earlier and also provides a higher level of confidence that all the decay has been removed, and all cracks have been detected. I must mention that Global has excellent customer service, and they are wonderful to work with! I am so happy that I decided to incorporate a Global microscope into my practice!



Stephen Buchanan, DDS
Santa Barbara, CA

I've used Global Microscopes in my practice and teaching facility for more than 10 years, and recommend them to any dentist wishing to upgrade their quality of treatment. I can't imagine doing endo without these scopes, and I appreciate Global's special commitment to dentistry.



Alain Gagnon, DDS
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

I love my scope, will never go back! I use it EVERY day, for endo, composites, crowns and bridges, even surgery sometimes! On kids, on adults, most patients are impressed.



Doug Hanneman D.D.S

I have been using two G6 Global scopes since 2007. Before that, I only used loupes. I was having ongoing issues with upper neck and back issues subsequent to many years of practicing dentistry with my neck flexed in a forward/downward position. The muscle pain was getting worse and I knew that my career as a dentist was going to be coming to an end sooner rather than later if I didnt find an answer. After researching different microscope options, I tried the G6 in my office. Kip left it for me to use for not just a day but several weeks. Subsequently, I purchased two scopes,Dr.Van As' DVD,attended an AMED meeting and took some hands on training with Dr .Remington. Not only have my neck and back issues subsided, but with the better lighting and magnification that I now have, I am able to diagnose and treat dental problems better (and earlier)! I see things now that I know I would have missed without the microscope.

I have been very satisfied with the support that I have received from everyone at Global. Everyone has been so helpful,polite and knowledgeable. Kip,Sean, Brian,Dave,Peggy, Erin, Nick,they and others at Global have been super! I highly recommend the Global team and Global microscope!



Jill E. Hansen, DDS
Gig Harbor, WA

In 2000, when first introduced to the microscope, I was a child with a new toy. Initially awkward, I quickly moved from reserving the microscope for observation, examination and diagnosis, to maximizing its use for virtually every tooth preparation. Patients appreciate the microscope as a tool for communication and accept my treatment plans with confidence. In short, microscopes enhance dentistry itself. I enjoy providing excellent treatment and I am excited, not only about my results, but about the challenge that comes from a tool that so dramatically raises the standard of treatment patients can expect from our profession. After my experience with the microscope, I cannot imagine practicing dentistry without it.



Lynn A Jones, DDS
Bellevue, WA

When I started having neck pain I thought I was going to have to take an early retirement from dentistry. Instead, I started using the surgical microscope about eight years ago with hopes that I could relieve the pain. It worked! Within two weeks my neck pain was gone and I have been able to successfully manage it ever since. What I didn’t expect was how much fun dentistry could be when you are able to practice with microscopic precision.



Gurpreet S. Khurana, DMD, MBA
Bellevue, WA

If you can't see it, how can you treat it? Day in and day out working in such a small area puts a toll on any dentist. Fads in dentistry come and go and most dental offices are full of gadgets which never get used to their full potential. Soon after acquiring my dental practice I made sure I had the budget to put in two Global microscopes. As one of the youngest dentists in my area, I did not want to look back 20 years from now and regret not having a microscope enhanced practice sooner. In two days after installation, I was loving every minute of it. My ergonomics improved, and confidence improved that I was finding every canal and all the decay. It's a win-win situation for both dentist and patient. The LED illumination in itself is worth having a scope in your office. When you see something magnified with amazing illumination you are transported to a different world. I sure sleep better at night knowing that I have a piece of equipment that revolutionizes how I practice dentistry.



Jeffrey D. Krupp, DDS, MS
Diplomate, Board of Endodontics

I began using the Global Dental Operating Microscope after 10 years of private endodontic practice in the early 1990's. The visual and lighting enhancement provided by the operating microscope opens a whole world of therapeutics for my patients benefits. I utilize the scope every day bringing a far greater level of success to my procedures then provided by loop magnifications.



John Leitner, DDS
Grand Haven, MI

I have arthritis and had been thinking I was going to have to quit practicing dentistry due to back problems. The scope has been one of the key factors for me to continue working. Then there is the whole arena of patient care and the improvement of precision due to being able to clearly see and treat. It is truly fantastic!



Osvaldo Z. Mayoral, D.M.D.
Pinecrest Dental Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

I have never purchased a product that had better customer service than my Global Microscope. It's great to know that I can pick up the phone and have an entire team of experienced professionals willing to help me promptly. I have added and changed features to my Global microscope (HD recording, laser filter, reticule, focal length) seamlessly with the help of their amazing team. Not to mention, the simplicity of the microscope and quality of the optics is outstanding. Thank You Global!
Click Here: For a video of a dental restoration through the microscope.



Michael C. McVicker, DDS
Toledo, OH

My practice consists primarily of CEREC and NM rehab. The Global surgical microscope has given me a greater sense of confidence in my clinical performance. The rep worked with me to customize my microscope to give me the depth of field and flexibility I needed and it has really helped reduce my daily eyestrain and back and neck fatigue. It has been a wonderful addition to my practice and my patients view it as another example of my dedication to their dentistry.



Robert J. Miller
Delray Beach, FL

As the director of a high-tech general practice, I enjoy being at the leading edge of technology. My patients have come to respect our commitment to provide the best possible care. If we were told tomorrow that I had to give up all of this technology except for one instrument, I would say "leave my microscope." It is the one instrument that, through the years, has proven to be indispensable in the treatment of my patients.



Evan N. Miller, DDS
Charlotte, NC

Worst thing I ever did was listening to the "experts" about a “learning curve” to use the scope. There simply is none!



Donato Napoletano, DMD
Middletown, NY

Dental Microscopy has enabled me to offer my patients a very high level of care. The dental operating microscope has been very helpful in the early diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, has significantly helped me in treating more advanced problems which in the past I would have considered impossible to treat, and has especially played a pivotal role in helping me to better educate my patients and significantly decreasing the amount time needed in forming trusting relationships with them. Although I also love and use other technologies such as Cerec and multiple wavelengths of lasers, the dental microscope is the only technology I own that I could not work without, and it has also helped in reducing the time it takes to successfully integrate other technologies. The microscopes have truly made doing dentistry fun again!



Stacey Ochoa D.D.S
Precision Dental Care

Seeing is believing! I have been using Global Microscopes for over 8 years now. It is the foundation of my practice as well as the reason for my comfort and efficiency while providing treatment and care for my patients. I could not imagine practicing dental medicine without them. My scopes provide shadow less light into the hard to see areas that I as a dentist have to overcome every day. The scopes provide visualization of difficult angles that were very difficult for me to see and access in the past.

I am able to be precise, proactive and comfortable all at the same time. My patients are educated on the uniqueness of how I provide care and treatment the moment they walk into my practice. We let our patients know....Magnification equals Early Detection...and the Precision they deserve, which is why I named my practice Precision Dental Care! Without the scope.....I can't offer that....and that's NOT an option.



Don Reid, DDS
Lake Tahoe, CA

This isn't brain surgery!

In 2000, my wife, Marilyn, was diagnosed with a cerebral- pontine angle tumor. At the consultation with the surgeon we selected (after much research), I asked him bluntly to describe the surgery as he was aware I performed oral surgery.He handed me a book he had authored, and said “look at the drawings and you’ll see for yourself.” When I commented, “This doesn’t look very difficult,” he responded, “It‘s not; just life threatening. It’s probably not as difficult as dentistry.” After I shared with him how the nature of dental treatments contrasted with brain surgery, he asked, “Why aren’t you using a microscope? It appears that dental operations are a lot more difficult than what I do.” He told me that a surgeon removing this tumor in 1970 faced an 80% mortality rate. Today, the 98% success rate is solely due to the enhanced information that a microscope provides. The surgery lasted 5 hours. My wife was hitting the ski slopes in 7 weeks.

The crisis of Marilyn’s surgery and quest to find the very best doctor in the world regardless of fee forced me to ask some deep intrapersonal questions: “Why am I not the doctor that people are searching for when they want the very best possible dental care?” A neurosurgeon challenged me to use a microscope. I did, and I haven’t looked back. Dentistry isn’t brain surgery but I’m now comfortable stating I provide the world class level of care I desperately wanted for my wife. The microscope has made this possible.



Wayne Remington, DDS
Charlottesville, VA

I saw a dental colleague forced to retire due to neck and back problems and swore this would not happen to me. About the same time, I attended a lecture given by Cherilyn Sheets. I was captivated by the ergonomic positioning made possible when using a Global Surgical microscope, and thought, “That’s for me!” I would improve my ergonomic position and I could see better; therefore (theoretically) do better work.

There was no training course on the east coast so I trained myself difficult, but I persevered. And I'm glad I did.

I now never have neck or back soreness. And my clinical work has gotten even more refined. It is so easy to do good work when you can see in fabulous detail.

PS: All of my hygienists and my associate use the microscope for all procedures as well. My hygienists are more efficient with the microscope than they ever were with loupes.



Rick Schmidt, DDS
Medford, OR

The microscope has done more to expand and add enthusiasm to my Dental Practice than all other inputs combined!!



Stewart Shapiro
Montreal, Quebec

The Global microscope has changed my life and made my practice in Endodontics more enjoyable."



Rick Spencer, DDS
Strathfield, NSW Australia

My wife and I graduated dentistry 23 years ago and within two years, we both started to develop musculoskeletal symptoms. This included back pain, neck pain, headaches and associated symptoms. It was getting to the stage where giving up practice was becoming an option. Fortunately, after extensive research and discussions with many dentists here and overseas in a similar boat, I discovered the Global microscope and have never looked back. Using a scope not only allows you to operate with ideal back and neck posture, it also lets you see the oral environment in exquisite detail. As a result, my posture and my dentistry continually improve.



Team Atlanta
Dr. Ronald Goldstein, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dr, David Garber, Dr. Henry Salama
Atlanta, GA

Microscopy is an integral part, not only of how we diagnose and treat our patients, but key to how Team Atlanta teaches - enlarged images and close-up video for effective communication.