Training Opportunities

Listed below are the premier dental microscope training centers and courses. Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance in finding other local training opportunities that will meet your specific needs.


Newport Beach, CA - Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute (NCOFI)
Several courses available including an introduction to dental microscopy, mastering the arts of oral plastic surgery, state of the art dental hygiene and microscope centered comprehensive examination & modern dental photography and imaging.

Read more about NCOFI courses.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (IDEA)  
Several microscope training courses and clinician courses with microscope usage.

Read more about IDEA courses.

Santa Barbara, CA - Microsurgery Training Institute
Instructors: Dr. Dennis Shanelec, Dr. Adriana McGregor and Dr. J. David Cross
A hands-on periodontal microsurgery course.

For more information: (805) 965-0039 email or visit

Santa Barbara, CA - The Art of Endodontics 2-Day Laboratory Course
Description: Spend two highly effective days working closely with Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan to learn the subtle nuances of System-Based shaping, cleaning and obturation techniques. In this intensive hands-on course, participants will use a full armamentarium of equipment, including Global Microscopes.

For more information, visit Dental Education Laboratories, or call 800-528-1590 (toll-free) or 805-899-4529 (worldwide) or email:


Charlottesville, VA - Surgical Microscopy
Dr. Wayne Remington at the Virginia Microscope Training Center
Description: This two day hands-on course is taught by Dr. Wayne Remington. The goal is the train the new microscope user to become proficient in working in all four quadrants of the mouth.

For more information call 434-242-7744 email or visit


Tacoma, WA - Center for Endodontics
Titles: Experience the Exceptional Endodontic Practice and New Technologies in Endodontics
Description: Two and three day courses being taught by Dr. John West in his Tacoma, WA office

For more information, call 866-900-ROOT (7668) or visit

Tacoma, WA - Clark Dental Group (Dr. David Clark)
Titles: New Patient Microscope centered Comprehensive Examination, Introduction to Microscopic Endodontic and Restorative Dentistry and Porcelain and Porcelain Laminate Techniques, Hands-on Workshop.

For more information, call 253-472-4292, email or visit


Lakeland, FL - Periodontal Microsurgical Training Program
Description: Dr. Jim Belcher, in Lakeland, FL offers a two-day, hands on microsurgery course for a clear understanding of microsurgery and it’s applicability to periodontology.

For more information, call 863-687-9227, email or visit


Tempe, AZ - Integrating the Microscope and New Technology Into Your Dental Practice
Description: A two-day course with Dr. Robert Krauss will cover proper use and implementation of the microscope, ergonomics and assistant training.

For more information, email or call 610-925-3440


Chevy Chase, MD - The Complete Guide to Office Operations, Marketing and Design
Lead by Dr. Martin D. Levin

For information please call (301) 654-6077 or visit

New York

Middletown, NY - Dental Microscopy Integration for the Restorative Dentist
Description: A two-day hands-on course in an operatory setting led by Dr. Donato Napoletano

For More Information, please visit


The Hague, NL - Centre Innovative Dental Education (CIDE)
CIDE in The Hague/Netherlands is an ultra-modern center for dental education, which offers innovative training courses. It is the ideal atmosphere for sharing knowledge and exploring and developing new practical skills.

Read more about CIDE courses.